Aliyun Strategic Partnership

We focus on driving maximum benefit from your cloud development and migration service in Aliyun.


Nowadays, cloud computing plays a vital role in new product and technology development. By performing our consulting service, you not only can assess the latest techniques and solutions in cloud platform but also minimize the risk technical failure.

Solutions Provider

Sunthycloud is a cloud-based company with a long-established pattern of developing innovative cloud service projects for our customers. Our experience in software development covers areas such as SaaS, Big data, docker and cloud storage

Full customer service

We provide lots of cloud services that helps enterprises deal with all kinds of requirements.


Offer a comprehensive process assessment and advice.


Ensure a successful Public Cloud Computing Implementation.


Provide professional migration service from existing infrastructures to Alibaba Cloud.


Deliver a better users experience by evaluating existing Cloud architectures.


We provide several products that help enterprises solve practical issues.

Customized Service

We provide customized service for different cases, solving real problems in enterprises.

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